Behind Kulia

Slowing down and tuning in are at the heart of our skincare philosophy. By connecting to the divine life force in nature and every one of us, we believe we’re able to elevate our spirit and slow the aging process, for inside-out rejuvenation.

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Tune into nature's divine

Inside every flower and plant are eons of wisdom, worlds of opportunity, and the same life force that flows through every one of us. Our earth-cherishing skincare invites you to connect back to the natural world and all that it holds for each of us.

Our Process

Elongate your inhale

Use our aromatherapeutic skincare to help you remember to breathe deeper and slower. Each Kulia serum offers a unique functional fragrance to enhance mood, reduce tension, and promote feelings of peace.

Our Products

Our Formulas

Accept energetic gifts

In the same way that feeling the sun on our back or the breeze on our face invigorates us anew, the healing crystals inside each of our skincare elixirs help energetically activate the formula. In every Kulia serum, Brazilian amethyst and rose quartz crystals catalyze the ingredients and offers protection while helping to open the heart chakra to compassion and unconditional love.

Behind the Ingredients

Our Founder,
Jasmine Keeney

Born and raised on her family’s banana farm on the Big Island of Hawaii, Jasmine was exposed to toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides from a young age. As a young adult Jasmine began to experience the negative health effects of these harmful toxins, suffering from chronic lethargy, depression and pain. As western medicine offered no clear remedy, Jasmine resolved to take her health into her own hands.

As a first step, she worked to identify everything she was putting in or on her body, starting with her skincare products. This led to the discovery that most ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ formulas were anything but. With this realization, Jasmine began creating her own formulas, grounded in sustainable plant medicine. Every ingredient and ingredient source was carefully researched and selected, based on the desired result- pure and effective skincare products she could feel good about using. Thus, Kulia was born with the hope that she could share her knowledge, and empower others to care for themselves and their bodies in the best way possible.