All of Your Organic Skincare Questions, Answered

Here at Kūlia, we’re setting out to create a new standard in clean skincare. We harness ingredients that are grown organically and in the wild to make products that replenish our skin while preserving our resources. Unlike so much of the beauty buzz out there, our products are not rooted in innovation or technology. Rather, we rely on tried-and-true practices that have existed for thousands of years. We’ve done a lot of research along the way, and are excited to share our findings.

What is organic skincare?
Organic skincare should mean that the product contains 100% organic ingredients. But, oftentimes this isn’t the case. Because labeling laws haven’t caught up with beauty industry trends, companies can claim they’re organic even when this is only partially true. We recommend reading the back of the pack, where the label has to show all of the ingredients. You’ll soon find that much of conventional skincare is filled with preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrance, and dyes.

Is natural and organic skincare the same thing?
No. Natural skincare is one of the fastest-growing markets in the beauty industry. But unfortunately, the term natural isn’t regulated either – and therefore, it’s hard to define. Natural can mean different things to different brands. Many companies combine natural ingredients with synthetic ingredients and call it natural. When you’re shopping for your skincare, you can check the label to see if the ingredients are easy to pronounce and have origins from plants or minerals. Then, we recommend checking to see how the ingredient is processed (i.e. cold pressed, distilled or Supercritical CO2 extracted). If the ingredient is physically processed, the molecular composition and structure stay the same (natural). If the ingredient is chemically processed, then the molecular composition and structure change (synthetic).

We know, it’s confusing. That’s why we set out to build a business that supports and protects its customers, partners, and natural resources. We take pride in having our ingredients be the closest to their natural state.

What about wild skincare?
Wild ingredients are always preferable. We like to think of it this way: natural is not always wild, but wild is always natural. The term wild skincare refers to plant-based ingredients that have been grown in their natural habitats, rather than farmed. And, therefore, the ingredients are 100% organic, the practices can be more sustainable, and the ingredient can deliver a more potent product. Environmental and regulatory concerns make wild-grown ingredients increasingly harder to find. So, we cherish our vendors that source ingredients with wild-harvested methods.

What are the benefits of organic and wild skincare?
When the product is actually made with organically grown ingredients, it will have a higher nutrient level. Meaning? More effective nourishment for your skin. Plus, organically grown ingredients don’t have any of the chemical residues which can irritate skin and even potentially cause long-term harm to your body.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it absorbs 60% of what you put on it. We believe in the interconnectedness of what is put in and on our bodies, and have witnessed the positive correlation between pure, organic ingredients and benefits to our overall health and well-being.

Is organic and wild skincare actually effective?
Yes. Organic skincare can be just as effective and results-oriented as synthetic skincare. Although, it takes more time. You may have to use an organic product regularly for 6-8 weeks before seeing results. In many cases, organic skincare is more effective overall, as it’s less irritating on the skin. Choosing to use organic and completely natural skincare products supports your skin to age naturally and in the most healthy of ways.

In Hawaiian, Kūlia means “to strive or try.” This essence is our guiding spirit. We’re always trying to do better, and we promise to create skincare with the utmost integrity and excellence. Still have questions? We’re here to provide clarity (literally and figuratively). Email us anytime at
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