Cymbopogon martinii v. motia

Palmarosa Leaf Oil

Found in Regenerative Face Serum/ COSMOS Natural

Promotes cell health Retains tissue moisture Anti-inflammation
Comedogenic Rating*
Skin Type
Beneficial for all skin types.
Country of Origin** India
Palmarosa, also known as Indian or Turkish geranium, is a sweet-scented perennial grass known for its rich supply of volatile oils. Found growing in the wild throughout various regions of Southeast Asia and India, many generations have used this treasured grass for its medicinal purposes.

Cytophylactic in nature, Palmarosa promotes the growth of cells and the recycling of cellular matter, helping to repair the damages done to the body over years of use. In addition to retaining tissue moisture, it maintains the balance of moisture throughout the body, an effect that can relieve inflammation and other symptoms of dehydration. Palmarosa essential oil balances the sebum production of your skin, while keeping it soft to the touch and youthful to the eye.

When used in aromatherapy, palmarosa oil is known to relax the muscles and nerves, fight depression, fatigue, anxiety, anger, and nervousness, while also having an uplifting effect on the mind.

*Comedogenic is the tendency for an ingredient to clog pores.

**Please note that the country of origin for our ingredients are subject to change due to environmental, economic, and/or social circumstances.

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