Simmondsia chinensis

Jojoba Oil

Found in Regenerative Face Serum/ COSMOS Natural

Lasting Hydration Anti-Inflammatory Combats Aging
Comedogenic Rating*
Skin Type
Great for all skin types.
Country of Origin** Israel
An evergreen, drought-resistant shrub, Jojoba was traditionally used by the indigenous tribes of the Sonoran Desert for its potent healing properties. Because jojoba oil is a wax rather than an oil, it is very stable. Known for its similarity to human sebum, it provides non-occlusive, non-greasy moisture control and is readily absorbed by the skin. Praised for its numerous benefits, jojoba oil protects the skin while allowing it to breathe, it is extremely moisturizing, reduces inflammation and helps to rejuvenate the skin, maintain elasticity, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, all while providing a youthful glow.

*Comedogenic is the tendency for an ingredient to clog pores.

**Please note that the country of origin for our ingredients are subject to change due to environmental, economic, and/or social circumstances.

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