Euterpe oleracea

Acai Berry Pulp Oil

Found in Regenerative Face Serum/ COSMOS Natural

Emollient Anti-Aging Anti-Inflammatory
Comedogenic Rating*
Skin Type
Best for mature, dry, damaged or problem skin.
Country of Origin** Brazil
This ancient Amazonian berry has been around for thousands of years. Due to a high concentration of oleic acid, the oil from the acai berry is a powerful emollient, restoring the skin’s elasticity levels. Exceptional for anti-aging and easily absorbed by the skin, this oil is high in ferulic acid, namely ferulic acid. Healthy fatty acids like omega-9 and omega-6 in acai oil make it anti-inflammatory for the skin.

*Comedogenic is the tendency for an ingredient to clog pores.

**Please note that the country of origin for our ingredients are subject to change due to environmental, economic, and/or social circumstances.

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